tl;dr You can play with public site demo in Hunch directly, even without login.

Since launching Hunch, I have received feedback about Hunch being too complicated. This is reflected by usage data as well. Many people have registered on Hunch, but only a few clicked the Publish button. Hunch requires CSS knowledge is part of the story. The other side is after user created a website on Hunch, they are presented a blank page. It's hard to decide what to do with a blank page, user feels stumped or bored after a few minutes and left. That's why I'm introducing the public sharing feature.

By the way, if you have any ideas or suggestions about how to improve Hunch, please get in touch. I will change the roadmap according to your feedback.

Site permission

Share modal

By default, only people invited to a site can access it. If you change the permission to Anyone with the link can access, then

Here is an example, you can see the live version, or open directly in Hunch.

Clone and remix

This is the feature I'm working on right now, and I'm especially excited about it. It will unlock so many possibilities. The web is an open community, from the very beginning, everyone can see the HTML/CSS code of every website. But it's not so easy to understand which is which from reading source code.

If you share a website built on Hunch to the public, people will be able to click on any element of interest, and see all its styles, change any styles and see the effects immediately. When they are happy with the page, they can publish they own remixed version. There is no better way to learn HTML & CSS than through examples.

Let's build more websites on Hunch and share with the world. Ping me on twitter @hunchcloud and I will help spread the word. Thanks.