I've been busy coding and forgotten to write about what's going on. This post will highlight some interesting new features.

Child selectors

Previously, Hunch only supported one level class selectors, like .button or .button.primary. However, many animation requires changing styles of children elements. That's why I decide to support child selectors on Hunch.
child selector

Click the + button at the right bottom of a styles block will bring up the child selector name input. The above screenshot will output two styles .link {} and .link .child {}.

I made some hover animation examples to show what's possible with child selectors.

Copy / paste

As mentioned in introducing public sharing, I want to make it easy to build on giants' shoulder and remix other's site. Supporting copy/paste is one step forward.

copy paste

For example, if I want to use a style from the above hover examples on another site, I can open hover examples on Hunch, select an element, press copy, then open another site on Hunch, select a parent element and paste.

Note due to browser limitation, Hunch cannot access the clipboard data when clicking on the Paste menu. To paste an element, I need to use the paste shortcut of my system, Ctrl + V on Windows and Linux, Cmd + V on macOS.

Version history

Version history is a rescue when

With version history, I can experiment freely and don't need to worry going too far, I can always revert to a previous version if I want.

Currently, Hunch saves a version automatically every 20 edits or when publishing. We will support creating named version manually soon. The latest 20 versions can be found on site settings page.
version history

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy building websites on Hunch.