Hunch always aims to make building website easier and faster. As we know, there are tons of JavaScript/CSS libraries or components UIKit. How about importing my favorite libraries, and start building my next beautiful website on Hunch? Hunch supports that now.

From the Custom HTML panel in the right sidebar, I can inject any HTML code into all pages of my site or the current page, before </head> tag or before </body> tag. So there are four cases:

For example, if I want to use a Google font, I would inject

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

to all pages, before </head> tag.

If I want to call a JavaScript function to initialize some animation, I would inject


to the current page, before </body> tag


I made two examples to demonstrate using third party libraries to build a website on Hunch. The first example demonstrates how to use aos on Hunch. AOS is an animate on scroll library, can use it to animate elements when they appear on page after scrolling. See remake of AOS home page on Hunch.

The other example is a work in progress clone of the stellar template. This template uses Google font for text and FontAwesome for icons. See remake of Stellar template on Hunch.

Of course, you can use any libraries on Hunch, be it Bootstrap, Tailwind or anything. Just include them in the Custom HTML panel, and build upon them.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy building website with your favorite libraries on Hunch.